Book fair prep & Leeds Book Fair

We had a fabulous weekend at Leeds Book Fair at the Tetley this weekend. We talked to lots of book artists and had many fabulous discussions. Here are some photos of the event and photos of our book fair preparations at Debbie’s studio.

Packaged prints.

Stacks of prints ready to be folded.

Last minute gluing.

Fixing books.

Book fair opening night:

Our table.

Heather’s section.

Kathryn’s hand drawn books.

Heather reading the catalogue with a forced smile.

Debbie’s turkish map fold silkscreened on draft paper book.

Kathryn’s section.

Kathryn’s little hand drawn books on lichens and beetles.

Kathryn’s hand drawn guillemot eggs.

Debbie’s silkscreen folded books.

Heather’s character books.

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